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Image: Prostate cancer cell image taken using a scanning electron microscope (Photo courtesy of LRI EM Unit)

New Discoveries of Prostate Cancer Evolution Pave Way for Genetic Test

New research has identified two distinct subtypes of prostate cancer, referred to as evotypes, marking a major advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. More...
01 Mar 2024
Image: Researchers have developed a faster and simpler point-of-care malaria test (Photo courtesy of Rice University)

New POC Malaria Test 12 Times Faster Than Currently Available Laboratory-Based Tests

A new POC test for diagnosing malaria that is both rapid and accurate offers a significant improvement over traditional tests and will be especially beneficial for rural areas with limited healthcare facilities. More...
01 Mar 2024
Image: A groundbreaking study has unveiled promising pathways to simplified Alzheimer`s diagnosis (Photo courtesy of Lightspring/Shutterstock)

New Alzheimer’s Detecting Blood Tests Perform across Broad Range of Races and Ethnicities

The results of a study have shown how new Alzheimer’s detecting blood tests perform across a broad range of races and ethnicities for the first time. More...
29 Feb 2024
Image: The approach of the study was rooted in adoption of NGS technologies with spotlight on MinION nanopore sequencer (Photo courtesy of Oxford Nanopore)

New Hantavirus Rapid Test Paves Way for Early Outbreak Control

New research has unveiled the potential of cost-efficient Flongle sequencing for rapid hantavirus genome-based diagnostics and phylogeographical surveillance. More...
29 Feb 2024
Image: The Cytosponge can be used to detect esophageal cancer earlier (Photo courtesy of Cancer Research UK)

Sponge on a String Detects Precursor to Esophageal Cancer

An innovative "sponge on a string" device coupled with a laboratory test can detect Barrett's esophagus, a precursor to esophageal cancer, offering a way to reduce the long waiting times for essential diagnostic tests. More...
28 Feb 2024

Metagenomics Enables Rapid Respiratory Infection Testing in ICU Patients

A new technology could offer a faster diagnostic solution for patients struggling with respiratory infections, enabling same-day administration of accurate and effective treatments. More...
28 Feb 2024
Image: A simple method can predict risk of worsening of widespread kidney disease (Photo courtesy of 123RF)

Simple Measurement Predicts Risk of Rapid Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

A simple method to identify individuals at high risk for rapid progression of chronic kidney disease in patients could greatly enhance prevention and treatment strategies. More...
27 Feb 2024
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