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Image: The T2Biothreat Panel runs on the T2Dx Instrument (Photo courtesy of T2 Biosystems)

Fully-Automated, Direct-From-Blood Test Rapidly Detects Multiple Biothreat Pathogens

A direct-from-blood test panel can identify biothreat pathogens within four hours, providing vital data to medical professionals for the effective treatment of infected patients. More...
31 May 2023
Image: PrecisionCHD offers 75% higher sensitivity than conventional testing methods (Photo courtesy of Cardio Diagnostics)

New Diagnostic Approach Combines DNA Testing With AI Analysis for Coronary Heart Disease Risk Assessment

A revolutionary test utilizes epigenetics, genetics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to more accurately and cost-effectively detect early signs of cardiovascular disease. More...
31 May 2023
Image: The IP/RT-QuIC assay efficiently detects minute concentrations of serum α-synuclein seeds (Photo courtesy of Juntendo University)

Novel Blood Serum Assay Enables Quicker Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Scientists have developed a novel assay capable of effectively identifying α-synuclein seeds in a patient's serum, enabling accurate diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. More...
31 May 2023
Image: VCM viscoelastic testing instrument provides rapid, real-time hemostasis assessment at POC (Photo courtesy of Entegrion)

Next Gen Viscoelastic Coagulation Monitor Enables Rapid Hemostasis Assessment at Patient Side

A next-generation viscoelastic testing device enables quick, real-time assessment of hemostasis at the point of care. More...
31 May 2023
Image: Newly observed anti-FSP antibodies have also been found to predict immune-related adverse events (Photo courtesy of Calviri)

First Blood-Based Biomarkers Test to Predict Treatment Response in Cancer Patients

A new category of blood-based biomarkers has the potential to be developed into improved or new orthogonal tests for predicting tumor responses to immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICIs) therapies. More...
30 May 2023
Image: HemBox is an iPhone-sized POC Bluetooth-enabled, immunosensor tool that delivers sensitive, selective, and measurable results in minutes (Photo courtesy of Hememics)

Handheld Multiplexed Biosensor Platform Tests Antibodies, Antigens and Molecular Targets Simultaneously

A pioneering, portable, multiplex biosensor platform has the ability to simultaneously test antibodies, antigens, and molecular targets, enabling handheld, laboratory-grade testing wherever required. More...
30 May 2023
Image: BD Kiestra MRSA imaging application helps enhance microbiology laboratory efficiency and workflow (Photo courtesy of BD)

MRSA AI Diagnostics Software Helps Enhance Microbiology Lab Efficiency and Workflow

To address the new challenges faced by labs and facilitate efficient, timely, and cost-effective clinical bacteriological testing, a new solution now offers comprehensive lab automation for clinical microbiology laboratories. More...
29 May 2023